What I learned about writing this month

campnanoApril novel word count: 5243

Total manuscript word count: 16890

So, no winning for me, but this word count was about on par with what I’ve done for other NaNoWriMos.  Plus I did a little blog writing, too, so I’m happy with my productivity.

Really, I’m pleased with how my writing went this month.  I spent a lot of time (in the shower, on my commute, lunch breaks) just thinking, and it gave me some clarity about plot points and additional scenes for some characters to give the story some life.  I also found myself drawing parallels to my characters no matter what I was watching/reading, including YA fantasy novels, the Anne of Green Gables miniseries, or Daredevil on Netflix.

I wrote around 100-300 words most days, so at least I tried to make it a habit.  I wrote several scenes that make me laugh, and one that was emotionally difficult to put myself in.

My biggest breakthrough this month was coming to terms with my “planner” personality.  For academic writing, or even blog posts, I always write an outline of the points I want to make, just to get my ideas down and see how they flow and connect.  I did that vaguely with this project, but this month I really started listing each scene in order, with a few key phrases or dialogue or even just want I want the scene to convey.  Then I fleshed out everything writing straight through in order.  That seems to work pretty well for me.

Yes, I wrote an outline for this blog post first. 🙂

I may not work any more on this story until the July camp, but I hope I do.  I think I may be about halfway done, and there are two key scenes revealing some backstory that I haven’t gotten to yet.

I’d like to get this draft finished so I can start on something else for NaNoWriMo in November.  This is not a story I ever plan on publishing, but I’d like to finish it to say I did.  If anyone actually wants to read it, you are welcome to join my husband in that pursuit.  I may post some excepts when I’m done.

2 thoughts on “What I learned about writing this month

  1. NovEllaandBanannabelle May 3, 2015 / 10:52 am

    Good luck, I hope you get there – it’s such a nice feeling just to know you’ve finished what you started.


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