Kotaku’s Q&A with KOTOR II lead writer Chris Avellone

You’ve probably seen that I’ve been replaying KOTOR II, and blogging about it, so I was quite excited that Kotaku had a Q&A session with the game’s lead writer Chris Avellone, who works for game developer Obsidian.  He’s also worked on other famous games such as Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment, which happens to be getting a Let’s Play treatment by William Hohmiester over at the Sourcerer blog.


You can check out the whole session here; there were actually quite a few questions about KOTOR II.  Avellone mentions that he loves Empire Strikes Back, and its tone probably influenced him to take a darker direction with the KOTOR sequel.  He also says he appreciates the fans mods that have fixed bugs and re-added a lot of cut content (I’m playing with the Restored Content mods this time).

He also touches on one of my big problems with the KOTOR games, that the morality system rewards only going strongly lightside or darkside, when I would prefer to play a grey character.

Lastly, Avellone says that if they were to do the game again, he would have reduced the number of companions (great!) and cut the minigames (NO!).  Not that I play pazaak (it’s no Triple Triad), but it just wouldn’t be KOTOR without it and swoop racing.

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