K-pop MVs: EXO’s “Growl”

This MV by mega-group EXO is done completely in one shot!  Can you imagine how much practice that took?

EXO is actually made up of 2 groups with 6 members each: EXO-K sings in Korean, and EXO-M sings in Mandarin Chinese.  When they all get together, having 12 members on screen can be a little overwhelming, so I really like how they kept them in 2 groups at first.

If my drinking game for SHINee is mouth touching, then my one for EXO is the crotch grab.  Seriously, like 3 times in the first 30 sec.

Also, if you notice at 2:14, Kai’s hat falls off, and he has to put it back on during his part.  He’s quite smooth about it, a sign of good training.  I kinda love that they kept that in there; probably not worth redoing the whole video for a mistake that small. (It’s “correct” in the Mandarin Chinese version, though.)

I love the costumes they chose.  The high-school-style uniforms make them look young and cohesive, while letting them individualize their style a bit with the details.  And the hats are a great part of the choreography.

The members:

  • Suho (white armband, leader)
  • Baekhyun
  • Chanyeol (sleeveless, main rapper)
  • D.O. (2nd bowtie, main vocalist)
  • Kai (NY hat, main dancer)
  • Sehun (maknae)
  • Kris (former member/leader)
  • Xiumin
  • Luhan (pink hair, former member)
  • Lay (main dancer)
  • Chen (main vocalist)
  • Tao (maknae)

More from EXO:

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