Tony Stark’s always in the news for something

Here’s something to start your weekend off with a smile: a (paraphrased) conversation between me and my husband, B.

B: Did you see the thing about Robert Downey, Jr. and the little kid?

Me: I saw there was a thing, but not what it was.

B (being patronizing): So, what character does RDJ play?

Me (being a smartass): Sherlock.

B: … Who else does he play?  More famous.

Me: Well, there was that movie from the 90s with Marisa Tomei

B: Iron Man! He’s Tony Stark.  Right?

Me: Ohhhhh riiiiight.

B: So this kid got a 3D-printed arm, and RDJ was there to give to him.  So it was like, Tony Stark made this Iron Man arm for you.  Cool, right?

Me: Yes, very cool.  As long as it didn’t have a real flight stabilizer in the palm.  That might end up getting a little…chaotic.

B: Right, because he would be totally unbalanced trying to fly with just one.

Me: True, maybe he could make like a glove with one for the other hand.  But how to power it?  Maybe with a sleeve attached…

B: Yes, because your concern about the situation was obviously the kid’s balance.


Also, today is a very special Pi Day!  3/14/15 gives the first 5 digits of pi: 3.1415.  So have a slice of pie in appreciation of this fascinating number that pops up all over the place in nature.

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