Famous Introvert-Extrovert Pairs

This is actually the most viewed single post on my blog, over 900 views so far (there’s a Vegeta joke in there somewhere…) It was inspired by Susan Cain’s book Quiet, where she discusses these real life pairs in more detail. And of course I had to add some P&P šŸ˜Š

Jedi by Knight

One of the best points of Quiet is how much introverts and extroverts can benefit from each other, and how they often work well together in teams. Ā I personally have found myself most successful in leadership roles when I am paired with an extrovert. Ā The book brings up several examples of famous introvert-extrovert pairs. Ā Letā€™s keep in mind that it can be difficult to tell if someone is really an introvert unless they specifically declare it. Ā I am more concerned here about the ā€œintrovert characteristicsā€ that they display.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs
Since many introverts, like myself, are nerds or geeks, this pairā€“the founders of Apple Computerā€“will really hit home. Ā To the public, Steve Jobs is synonymous with Apple; even after his death he is the face of the company. Ā He is the classic extrovert salesman. Ā Steve Wozniak, on the other hand, is the ā€œnerd soulā€ of Appleā€¦

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