Book Review: Tam Lin

Here’s the first book review I did on this blog…in retrospect I probably would have rated this only 3/5. I’m always too lenient with my ratings! Has anyone else read this one? People who like fairy tale re-tellings and intellectual conversations might find this to their liking.

Jedi by Knight

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean (Firebird, 1991) is a modern re-telling of the ancient Scottish ballad.  In this version, Janet, the main character, goes off to college and falls in with an interesting group of people, including Thomas Lane, the Tam Lin character, whom she must eventually save from the maniacal chair of the Classics department.

I really wanted to like this book (and you know it’s never good when a review starts this way).  It has been mentioned as favorite of several of my favorite YA fantasy authors (ex: Jessica Day George here), and the book’s cover calls it a “cult classic,” so I was pretty excited to get started reading it.  However, after several hundred pages of reading about what Janet was reading for English class, I started to lose interest.

To start, I am not familiar with the ballad of Tam Lin.  And after having finished…

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