Someone talk me into buying Shadow of Revan



It’s been about 6 months or so now since I’ve played TOR.  I was hoping Shadow of Revan would be the thing to pull me back in…but I haven’t even purchased it yet.

I’m sorry to say I’ve been unimpressed with the expansions and updates for TOR thus far.

  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel: I still haven’t finished Makeb because I found the story average (and it’s the same for all characters on each faction), but mostly because it was TOO HARD.  I just got sick of dying.  If you are trying to do a story expansion, why make a world where it’s hard to even walk around without randoms killing you?  I gave up and went and leveled to 55 on Black Hole.
  • Galactic Starfighter: I had been kinda looking forward to this.  I played it once and was so bad at it I never went back.  I guess I’m just not much for PvP.
  • Galactice Strongholds: Really don’t care.  At all.

Shadow of Revan should be right up my alley.  I adore KOTOR and am a huge Revan fan.  For years I basically wanted a KOTOR 3 game, which would cover more of Revan’s story.  But we got TOR instead.  So I appreciate that they are making story content for fans like me.  Plus 2 new worlds, including Yavin 4? Yes!


I got the 3.0 game update, and opened up my Imperial Agent (Operative) to check out the new discipline system.

And I hate it.  Hate. It.  They have basically forced you into one single skill tree, instead of letting you pick things from any of the three class skill trees.

So my Operative has lost a bunch of key abilities, and I have to re-learn how to play my character at level 55.  I get that they needed to nerf the Operative for PvP (she is definitely my best DPS), but as a PvE player, that is just not my problem.  Taking away player choice in skills will NEVER endear me to a game.

Also, I heard somewhere that the storyline for SoR is the same for all classes.  Is that true?  Can anyone confirm or deny?  If so, that’s pretty lame.

Right now, my plan is to work on my Trooper (who’s still at very low level) until I get used to the stupid discipline system.  Then maybe I can run her or another character through SoR.

Someone come convince me that change can be a good thing.  There have to be upsides to the discipline system, right?  Tell me!!

5 thoughts on “Someone talk me into buying Shadow of Revan

  1. starwarsanon January 8, 2015 / 8:44 pm

    Ah well. No advice here. I’m not a gamer and probably only understood 70% of this post. If I had to tell you something I would just say, Use the Force. Let it flow through you. 😉


  2. mk January 9, 2015 / 10:26 am

    I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what you’re talking about, and yet you made me smile! I would call that the most delightful bit of magic! 🙂


    • Mei-Mei January 9, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      I guess my work here is done 😉


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