New Feature: Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m entering my third year of blogging in March!  I’m so glad my little experiment is still running and I’m still enjoying it.

But I think it’s time to shake things up a bit.  This year, I’m going to attempt a new feature, using WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  I’ll be posting a photo each week (or so) from my 2007 trip to the Galápagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador.

The Galápagos are rather isolated volcanic islands, whose flora and fauna famously inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection (“survival of the fittest”) as a mechanism for evolution.  The animals there are fascinating, with amazing adaptations to island life, and they are also quite “tame.”  I got some incredible photos because I was able to get so close to the wildlife.

These are the Spanish names…they also have English names. Like Albemarle. And Indefatigable. Wtf?

My trip was part of a college course on Island Biology, one of my favorite courses I took at university.  We discussed the geology, geography, and climate of the islands, and how that impacts its flora and fauna, especially compared to their mainland counterparts. We also discussed the ecosystems and behavior of these unique animals.  The course culminated in a week-long trip to the Galápagos, plus a few days in the Ecuadorian highlands and lowland rainforest.

I previously shared the scrapbook I made using these photos, but not the photos themselves, so I’d love to start doing that.  I have several hundred photos from the trip.  Since I’m a nerd, I’ll be adding little bits of info about the subjects of the photo.  I’m going to try to post on Mondays, or thereabouts, so I’ll have the weekend to write the post.

I hope you’ll find Los Galápagos as fascinating as I do!

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