Jane Austen Birthday Cake

As I mentioned the other day, my birthday is in late January, so I recently got older.  My mom has made me a birthday cake every year for my whole life, everything from animals to Disney characters to flowers in my favorite colors.  And it’s always Funfetti cake.

This year she really pulled out all the stops on this Jane Austen book cake:

We don’t like using fondant, because while it looks pretty, it doesn’t come close to a good buttercream frosting in terms of taste.  So the inside is box-mix Pillsbury Funfetti cake, the outside is homemade buttercream, and the book titles are fondant cutouts dusted with sparkly colored powder.  I’m trying to convince my mom to do a guest blog post about how she created the whole thing.

She picked these three titles because they are some of the shorter ones in Austen’s published oeuvre, and therefore the easiest to fit on the cake!  “Sense and Sensibility” is not very convenient for this kind of thing…

Of course then I had to tease her because Emma and Mansfield Park are my two least favorite Austen novels.  I jokingly refused to eat the Mansfield Park layer–I guessed that Fanny Price would give me indigestion.

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