Year of the Horse

Rin Sohma, the Horse
Rin Sohma, the Horse

Happy New Year to those of you celebrating–Friday started the lunar new year, which is celebrated in many East Asian cultures.  This year is the Year of the Horse.

In the shoujo manga/anime Fruits Basket, the Horse is represented by Rin Sohma–not one of my favorite characters, but a very strong, independent girl who feels things deeply.

I have kind of a personal quandary when it comes to the Chinese zodiac.  My birth year is listed as a Tiger year.  However, my birthday is in late January…it falls just before the lunar new year.  That means I am actually an Ox.

Truthfully, my personality is more like the Ox: placid, steady, diligent.  However, I still like to claim that I am a Tiger.  I even wear a necklace with the kanji: 虎.  It serves as a daily reminder of things I aspire to, namely courage and passion.

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