The Danger of Having Friends

Is that you get derpy unicorns appearing in your printer tray.

It's signed, but I can't read who drew it.

It all started when my husband (whom I call B) had his gaming group over.  They play Exalted, which is a tabletop RPG (think Dungeons and Dragons).

The DM needed to print something, and for some reason our printer is difficult to set up on new laptops on the network.

So I thought I’d made use of a feature on our spiffy new printer: ePrint.

This feature creates an email address for the printer; so to print something, you simply send it as an attachment to that address.

I gave the address to the group, they printed their shiz, and it worked really well.

Too well, in fact.

The gaming was about three weeks ago, and B noticed yesterday that there was a new paper sitting in our printer tray.

One of his friends (whom I’ll call Sean, because that’s his real name) naturally thought the best use of this feature would be to email the printer a sketch the likes of which would make Napoleon Dynamite truly jealous.

I would not at all be surprised if we keep on getting little surprises from our printer.  I can’t wait to see what it will be next.

Of course, this is the same guy who gave us a fully assembled 3D Star Destroyer puzzle as a wedding present.  Nothing says “geek wedding” like a Star Destroyer in your gift pile.

Congrats! Here's a Star Destroyer!

Thanks, Sean and Iya, for keeping our lives interesting 🙂

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