Christmas cookies

My mom and I did an abbreviated version of our holiday baking this year.  We still managed to make several dozen cookies of various kinds (which my husband’s gaming group promptly devoured yesterday):

  • Peanut butter blossoms
  • Christmas M&M cookies
  • Mint chocolate chip cookies
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Buckeyes

The mint chocolate chip cookies came out way better than the M&M cookies, despite using the same recipe.  It’s so interesting how the littlest change can produce different results when baking.  For a scientific look at this, check out this cool article by Kenji Lopez at Serious Eats that can help you get your cookies exactly how you want them.

Buckeyes are a great traditional candy in Ohio: a sweet peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate so it looks like a buckeye nut (or Brutus, the OSU mascot).  The homemade ones look more authentic to my eye, marred only by the small hole left by the toothpick when I dip them.  Here’s the recipe I use.  I also use a mini-crock pot type fondue pot for melting the chocolate–I think it’s better/easier than microwaving or using a double boiler.  I also like to make them small because they are quite sweet.

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