Rare Cheesecake Pocky

WP_000570One of my coworkers visited an Asian import store on a weekend trip and was kind enough to bring me back a treat: a new flavor of pocky!

Pocky, well-known to anime fans, is a Japanese sweet consisting of a biscuit stick with a sweet coating, classically chocolate.  I have a huge sweet tooth so of course I love it.

I was at first confused by this box.  “Rare” cheesecake?  Is this some kind of legendary cheesecake? And why are there lemons? WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

Apparently, rare cheesecake (“rare” meaning “unbaked”) is common in Japan; this may explain the lemon, which would be a common ingredient in no-bake cheesecakes.  I love cheesecake, so I was excited to see what the taste was like.

The little blue bubble at the top says “hiyashite mo oishii” which basically means “also delicious cold.”  So we put the box in the fridge before we tried it, which turned out well.

The pocky actually had a kind of pungent smell, like cheese, but the flavor was totally different. It was kind of a light, sweet flavor with a hint of lemon.  The aftertaste had a little bite.  So, kinda like what I would expect from “cheesecake” but also kinda not.

All in all, this flavor was ok, but I think I like plain chocolate or strawberry better.  I’m pretty plain in my tastes!

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