Fall Geek TV


So, we’ve got plenty of shows to be excited about this fall.  Here’s a few of the ones I’m watching:

  • Once Upon a Time. The above gif was the highlight of the season premiere for me.  Robert Carlyle is a treasure.  Otherwise, I wasn’t too impressed with the episode; it was kinda all over the place.  I did like the scenes in the Enchanted Forest, and hopefully Neverland will get more interesting.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  The previews look like a very interesting take on Alice.  Hopefully we’ll get a guest appearance or two from Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter?
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The premiere episode was very fun, but not groundbreaking TV.  I think as long as I can suspend some disbelief, I’ll go along for the ride.  How cool would it be if we saw things from the show in future Marvel movies?
  • Legend of Korra.  I loved the first season; the second season hasn’t quite found it’s focus yet.  We are getting very little in the way of character interaction/relationship growth, which was one of the strengths of the first season.  But flying bison tea parties with Blueberry Spicehead almost make up for that.
  • Revolution.  I’ll be honest: I have at least 5 episodes from last season still to watch before I can start watching the current season.  I liked this show and thought it had potential, but it’s at the bottom of my list and I may not have enough free time to catch up.

Any other recommendations?

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