Kitty pics on a lazy holiday

I haven’t been feeling very motivated to write recently, so here are some cute pictures of my kitteh.

Jolee is a funny cat.  He doesn’t do much cuddling, but he loves to be around people.  He is very talkative and fusses for attention all the time.  My other cats only ever fuss for food!  Sometimes even when we feed Jolee, he just keeps following us around the kitchen instead of eating.

He has an adorable white tip on his tail; it’s like a little flag.  Also, his paw pads are mixed both pink and black, so he is spotted all over.

He loves to play and do crazy things.  His favorite thing to do is chew on cardboard boxes.  He scratches them, too.  He also likes to run really fast and slide under the bathroom rug…he thinks he is hiding.

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