They mean to win Wimbledon!

A great milestone for my blog–I’m over 100 posts!

Congrats to Andy Murray on his brilliant win yesterday.  I do like Murray, and I kinda feel like he was “due;” I also feel very relieved for him, because that must have been some incredible pressure he was under.  He played well, and that last game was pretty epic.

Of course, with a Scotsman winning Wimbledon, this calls to mind one of my favorite Monty Python sketches, where a bunch of alien blancmanges turn the whole country of English into Scots, so that they (the blancmanges) can easily win Wimbledon.  But their plan is foiled by one plucky kilt maker, Angus Podgorny.  (For my fellow Americans, a blancmange is a kind of white pudding dessert.)

Here it is, in 3 parts, each around 7 min.  I particularly enjoy scene at 1:40 in Part 2 about playing doubles with five people, and all the scenes with the blonde and the scientist.

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