Welcome, Jolee!

So, I haven’t been blogging much recently and there are 2 reasons: first, I’ve been madly trying to finish my Europe scrapbook so I can order it this weekend (more details on that later), and second…

We got a cat.

Jolee naps

Welcome to the family, Jolee Bindo!

 He was a stray that invited himself into a friend’s house, but she was unable to keep him, and I have been thinking about getting another cat for awhile, so…he’s mine.

He has so much energy, and loves people.  I have already tripped over him a few times.  We named him Jolee Bindo, after the grey Jedi companion in KOTOR, because he is black and white patterned, so he has both “dark side” and “light side.”  But he definitely does not have Jolee’s wisdom yet.

See the resemblance?

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