Nerd Salute to Canada

Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!  We nerds have a lot to thank Canada for, including these wonderful people:

1. Guy Gavriel Kay, author.  His body of work includes historical fiction and fantasy covering everything from modern day France to ancient China to Arthurian legend.  He also helped Christopher Tolkien edit The Silmarillion before publication.

2. Rush, progressive rock band, and Leonard Cohen, songwriter. Both are now inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (even if it took a little longer than it should have…)  These guys write songs that I can only describe as “intellectual.”  Shakespeare and Bible references abound in their most famous songs.

3. Corey Vidal, YouTube artist.  Also known as ApprenticeA, he sprung to internet fame in 2008 with his video of Moosebutter’s song “Star Wars (John Williams is the Man).”  He also looks good in an Imperial uniform or Boba Fett hoodie.

4. Joe Shuster, comic book artist. He is the co-creator of Superman with Jerry Siegel, a parternship made in Cleveland 🙂 The Daily Planet was originally the Daily Star, after the Toronto paper.

5. Nathan Fillion, actor. As Captain (both Hammer and Mal) he has charmed his way into the Whedonverse and nerd hearts.  He’s joined on the Firefly cast by fellow Canadian Jewel Staite (Kaylee). He’s also apparently descended from a Civil War general named Jubal Early…also the name of the bounty hunter in the last episode of Firefly.

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