New look: Jedi By Knight

Hey guys, you probably noticed the new header for my blog I put up last weekend.  Now by blog has a little more personality!

The header was really easy to make using Storybook Creator 4 software from Creative Memories and 3 screenshots taken from the SWTOR game: a loading screen, a preview of my Jedi character, and a panorama of Nar Shaddaa from the taxi pad at the spaceport.

From the loading screen image, I used the wand tool to isolate the gold brackets at the top and bottom.  I cropped down the buildings on the Nar Shaddaa image, and then used Adjust Hue to add a blue overtone so it would match the blog’s background color.  Then I cropped out my character Beile Tir, added a blue glow around her, and placed her on top.  The armor she’s wearing is the Jedi Knight armor from the character customization menus that you can buy in the Cartel market (she’s actually a consular, but you can put the armor on anyone).

Here are the screenshots I started with:

I went through a bunch of successive attempts before I finally got a version that I liked and fit the header.

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