Other Geekiness

A few other geek notes on this Star Wars weekend:

We saw Iron Man 3 at the drive-in Friday night–perfect weather!  We had a really great time.  The movie was fun, but definitely not up to the standards set by the first Iron Man and The Avengers.  For an action movie, it had great characterization and acting (Ben Kingsley KILLED IT).  The plot was fine, and the action great, but I don’t think it’s a movie I’m going to want to watch again and again.  And the Christmas setting threw me off; I know it’s the director’s “thing,” but it really had no meaningful impact on the story.  The credits were actually really cool, and the after-credit scene was worth staying for, as always.  So overall, I’d recommend this movie for geeks, but if you’re not a Marvel fan, you may want to just skip it.

Also, I just discovered that shirt.woot.com now has a catalog of ALL their past shirts that you can buy from.  I mean, from which you can buy.  Whatever.  Basically, any shirt that you missed previously is now available for $18.  WOOT!  Here is one shirt I’m buying right away–I tried to get it before, but got the wrong size.  Cats + Catan = the perfect shirt for me.  I already have the “Making Bread” cat shirt from the same designer.  Here are some other shirts that I have bought from shirt.woot previously:

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