The Dresden Files: Illustrated

Welcome to the Jungle

I was heading to the scifi/fantasy section of my library last week to find the next book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher (I’m up to Turn Coat now), when I happened to walk by the adult graphic novels section.  Adult as in mature and grown-up; I don’t believe my public library has porn (can’t say that I’ve looked).  This is separate from the manga and comic book section in the YA area.  Think Watchmen as opposed to Naruto and Spiderman.

Anyway, as I walked by one of the display books caught my eye: in big letters JIM BUTCHER THE DRESDEN FILES.

So, Harry Dresden has some graphic novels.  How did I not know this?

If you’re a fan of the series, I highly recommend checking out “Welcome to the Jungle,” which is an original story written by Jim Butcher.  It takes place before the start of Storm Front, which is cool because we get more of the PI/detective work that has been a little lacking later in the series.  It also takes place in a zoo.  The Lincoln Park Zoo, to be specific.  Awesome.

“Jungle” fits in really well as part of the series.  Even thought it’s a comic, we still get Harry’s snarky internal monologue throughout the action.  And the art is really excellent in matching the tone of the series.  The characters are spot on, especially Harry.  He really looks almost exactly like I pictured.

My only qualm with the art is that I’m not crazy about some of the female characters.  Murphy is not quite right, maybe not as “cute” as I thought?  And I really hate what I will call the artist’s “angry woman” face:

But if you like comics, I highly recommend checking this one out, because it is a treat for Dresden fans.  There are also comic serials of Storm Front and Fool Moon; I’ll have to look into those as well.  But for now, back to reading…my husband is two books ahead of me!

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