White Pi Day?

March 14 is a great day to celebrate!  3/14, as the date is written in the US, is Pi Day for all us nerds.  A day to appreciate the fascinating irrational number that is the ratio of circumference to diameter.  The festivities must involve eating pie, which is not only a homophone, and tasty, but is also round, allowing a practical study of pi.  (Math students love Pi Day.)

March 14 is also White Day, a holiday that complements Valentine’s Day (exactly a month prior).  In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a time for girls to give chocolate and other gifts to boyfriends or coworkers.  Then a month later on White Day, the men reciprocate.  Since it is “White” Day, white chocolate is popular.

I guess I should despise this holiday as much as I do Sweetest Day, because it seems to be a similarly manufactured holiday with the sole purpose of selling more flowers and candy.  (My husband knows if he ever buys me anything for Sweetest Day I will literally throw it at him.  This is unlikely to ever be an issue, since he rarely remembers the date of Valentine’s Day, let alone an obscure Ohio-based holiday.)  But I’ll be a little hypocritical and say that I love the idea of White Day.  I guess maybe it’s the idea of reciprocation appeals to me; it gives the holiday at least some purpose.

So which will you have to celebrate today, pie or chocolate?  (Why not both!  Chocolate pie, ftw!)

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