Merry Sithmas!

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Hope everyone had a nice Chanukah and Christmas.  My house had a visitor on Christmas Eve:R2D2While I was at Mass, my husband wrapped my presents and made them into the shape of R2D2!!  That was as awesome as the presents themselves!

Christmas is when I do most of my baking during the year.  My mom and I pick a day to do all our cookie making; this year we managed to do Rice Krispie treats, peanut butter blossoms, M&M cookies, and cut-out sugar cookies (yes, I have Star Wars cookie cutters.  I made some holiday Boba Fetts.)  Instead of Buckeyes this year, we made peanut butter mice!  I took them to work where they were a big hit.  Here’s the recipe.  They were not too hard to make, you just have to make sure to get the ears and tail attached quickly before the candy coating sets.  I also made a peanut butter cheesecake for Christmas dessert (I think it was my husband’s favorite of all the cheesecakes I’ve made so far).

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