Rudolph cupcakes

My husband celebrated his birthday recently, and he requested that I make him “half a cake” because he doesn’t have a sweet tooth like I do.  Since I was using a box mix, I told him I really could not.  But luckily, his office holiday party was also last weekend, so I ended up divvying up the batter into one round cake pan and 12 cupcakes to take to the party.

I made chocolate frosting from scratch using my mom’s recipe.  To give the cupcakes some “holiday spirit” I thought of adding a red or green M&M to the top of each.  I put a red candy on a cupcake and made my husband taste-test it (he did not protest).  Then I noticed: the brown cupcake with a red dot looked a little like a reindeer with a red nose.  So I added pretzel antlers, and voila! Rudolph Cupcakes.


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