My hobby: Stealing campaign signs out of yards the day after the election, and leaving patriotic American signs in their place

Well, election season is an exciting time to be an Ohioan, and by exciting I mean we are all SO RELIEVED that we don’t have to hear any more campaign ads for awhile.  The amount of money that was spent on them kinds of disgusts me.

It is kind of cool that Ohio has such a high-profile role in presidential elections.  When the returns for Ohio came in last night, the election was essentially decided.  I enjoyed our few minutes in the spotlight.  It almost made me forget the torture of being robocalled daily.

All joking bitterness aside, I am proud to live in a country with a peaceful election process, and I am proud to say that I exercised my right and privilege to vote yesterday.  I hope you all did the same.  And I hope that we can now all come together to make America a better place.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

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