Well, today begins National Novel Writing Month.

Now, I don’t plan on participating officially, because there is absolutely no way I could write a novel this month.  I am crazy busy at work with the American Heart Association conference coming up; I have a scrapbooking retreat in the middle of the month for which  I need to edit literally 2000 photos; and I somehow got talked into hosting Thanksgiving for not only my family but my husband’s as well.  So.

But I am hoping that will inspire me to actually put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard?) and actually start writing one or several of the books I have floating around in my head.  Should I start with the trilogy featuring teens with elemental powers?  I started writing this in high school and always hated my beginnings.  Then in college I skipped to writing the second book, and I like it much better.  Or should I start with the fantasy set in a Roman analog, where a vacationing lady is possessed by the spirit of an ancient goddess, and helped in her quest by a gladiator who is more than he seems?  This one started, as many of my stories do, with a dream, and it has been kicking around in my head for about a year.  Or maybe a reworked fairy tale, as I have been wanting to try?

Just starting has been so intimidating.  Starting this blog was my way to jump back into writing, and I think it has worked well for me.  So this month, I start a novel! GO!

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