Something wicked this way comes

Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit–this dreary hurricane weather sure doesn’t help!  (Or maybe it does? It was a dark and stormy night…)  Our city had trick-or-treat last Saturday, so we avoided the worst of the weather at least.

Previously, we had lived in an apartment complex with a few families, but we never got many trick-or-treaters.  This is our first year in a house in a real neighborhood, and I was super excited to hand out candy to all the cute small children!! I bought 2 large bags–one was a Wonka mix with Bottlecaps (I love them and I can never find these anywhere except Halloween mixes) and one was a mix of Twix, Snickers, Milky Way, and peanut M&Ms.  Not bad, yeah?  I just don’t want to be known as the house on the block to avoid for Halloween!  I have at least ⅓ of each bag left, so my waistline has requested that I take some to work tomorrow.

As far as costumes, I saw several superheroes (Batman, Spiderman), some fairies, neon flappers, mobsters, and a very adorable infant dressed as a cow (I hope her parents enjoy the candy bar I gave her).

This whole idea of a special set time for trick-or-treating seems to be very prevalent in NE Ohio, but it is a little weird to me.  Where I grew up, we just all went out after dark on October 31.  Here, it is always set on a weekend for about 2 hours and, in many cities, done before it gets dark.  Is this just a local thing?  Or does everyone do this?

My mom made all my costumes when I was growing up (I’ll have to find some pictures somewhere…), including a cat, a tiger, a prairie girl (like Laura Ingalls Wilder), some Disney princesses, and my very favorite…a stegosaurus.  I had green stuffed spines all down my back.  I was so cool.

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