I am so sick of politics

I found this little gem today while browsing the news websites:


It seems that the Maine GOP believes that a Democratic candidate for state senate, Colleen Lachowicz, is unfit for office because she plays WOW.  They have sent out a flier and created a website to inform the voters of Maine that Ms. Lachowicz plays an green orc in the most popular MMORPG  in existence, and therefore she is clearly living out her violent tendencies in a fantasy world created of her own delusions.  

This is actually “paid for and authorized by” the actual Republican Party of Maine, not some fringe group.  Please note how they have named her an “orc assassination rogue” (sounds scary! only a dangerous person would want to play one of those!) and in the upper right of the flier claim that DPS stands for “deaths per second.”  Really???

Now as for the quotes from her posts on forums, that’s all public and fair game.  The voters of Maine can decide for themselves if they care about how much their senator swears, or posts while at work.  I don’t live in Maine, and I don’t even know whom she is running against.  The politics don’t matter.  What make my BLOOD BOIL is the implication that MMORPG players are somehow unhinged and totally unable to participate in the “real world.”  They could easily have attacked her potty mouth, etc. without bringing WOW into it at all.

I cannot wait for November to be over.

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