100 Best-Ever Teen Novels by NPR

As if my “to read” list wasn’t long enough already:

I have read 28 of these, some of which I would have voted onto this list, and some I wouldn’t have.  Obviously, it is skewed to current selections.  Many of these books I have never even heard of; for example, I’d never heard of John Green before I saw this list, and he has 5 books on it, including one at the number 4 spot.

I think the biggest difficulty with this list is really defining what constitutes “young adult” literature.  It’s really only been in the last few decades that authors and publishers have been specifically targeting this audience.  To be YA lit, does the author need to write specifically for that audience?  Do the protagonists need to be teens themselves?  Or does the work only need to speak to teens in a special way?  For example, I don’t agree with the decision to include My Sister’s Keeper as YA but disallow Ender’s Game.  And why Harry Potter but not Percy Jackson?  But all in all I think it’s a good list.

Guess I need to get reading!

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