What if?

If you are a nerd, you know xkcd.  It is the premier webcomic for nerds on the interwebs, written by Randall Munroe, who adds witty humor and stick figures to nerd topics such as kerning, Punnett squares, and code compiling.  It’s also good to know that others are as creeped out by velociraptors as I am.  And make sure you mouse over the comics to read the alt text.

[Ok, I will be honest.  While writing this blog post, I clicked on the “random comic” button for about a half hour and laughed so much I actually distracted my husband from gaming.]

Randall obviously has a good background in all the sciences, but physics is his specialty.  He’s started a new weekly section called What if? where he answers some “out there” questions with actual physics, accompanied by humorous drawings: http://what-if.xkcd.com/


This week he determines what a mole of moles would be like.  Last week, he covered how much Force power Yoda can generate, based on his levitation of Luke’s X-wing in Empire Strikes Back.  It turns out, Yoda is about equal to a Smart Car.


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