Less than Three

Ah, nerd love.

When I bought my husband’s wedding ring 4 years ago, I had two things etched on the inside: the date of our wedding (he’ll never forget our anniversary now…) and the words “Less than three.”  Being the nerds that we are, we often say “less than three” to each other instead of “I love you” (it’s slightly less embarrassing in public).  I have the words typed out on the ring because none of the engravers could do a “<” symbol to make the ❤ heart.

Our anniversary was last week, and we had a nice dinner at home together.  We made his favorite, chicken parmesan, which is the first thing I ever cooked for him way back on our first “dating” anniversary 7 years ago.

I also made him a red velvet cake, which was one of the kinds of cake we had at our wedding:

Here is the recipe I used:


I used a whole 1 oz. bottle of red food coloring (yuck!) to get that color, and I made the cooked icing from the recipe, which is delicious!  I prefer it to the cream cheese frosting that some people like on red velvet.

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