Looking forward to SWTOR 1.3

I’m still slogging through the bounty hunter storyline for SWTOR.  My female Chiss mercenary is level 41 right now, working her way through Hoth.  I loved Chapter 1 of the bounty hunter storyline.  The Great Hunt was an awesome idea, having nothing to do with Republic/Empire politics, just fighting for honor and glory.  And credits.  Mostly credits.  Getting revenge on Tarro Blood, the nerfherder who killed my mentor, was also really compelling.  I feel like the story has slowed a bit in Chapter 2, but I definitely still want to finish out my character.  I’ve heard a lot of people whining about how they nerfed the mercs, but I play PVE, and I don’t notice much difference.

My other character is a lvl 13 Jedi Consular that I only play grouped with my husband.  Both these characters are on Firaxan Shark, which is basically a dead server.  If there are 5 other Imp players on any given planet, it’s a lot.  I am kind of ambivalent about this.  On one hand, I am not an MMO player.  I don’t group, do warzones, flashpoints, etc., and I’d like to pretend there are no other people playing and it’s just a regular RPG like KOTOR.  On the other hand, the economy sucks and since I’m not a good gamer I often have bite off more than I can chew with quests and there’s no one around to help me.

So I was really hoping that the upcoming 1.3 patch would include server merges.  But it looks like all we will get is the option to transfer servers.  I haven’t heard if this will cost money, or how it will work with the legacy system.  Honestly, I don’t think this will be enough to keep people playing.  Low server populations are one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from players, and for Bioware to not really address it, immediately after the launch of Diablo III, seems really stupid to me.

I guess it doesn’t really matter much to me; I’m just in it for the storylines.  But don’t be surprised if you keep hearing about SWTOR subscription cancellations from the “real” MMO players.

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