I Got the Moves Like Vader

Kinect Star Wars has been on my wish list since Christmas, even without knowing anything about it.  I envisioned epic lightsaber battles in my living room.

But since it came out about a week ago, I have discovered the game has not only lightsaber battles, but also rancor destruction, podracing, and dance modes.  Yes, you read that right.  Dance.

In the same vein as Just Dance and Dance Central, the Galactic Dance-off campaign lets you imitate characters such as Han Solo, Boba Fett and the Emperor himself as they bust out moves like the Trash Compactor, Double Blaster, Kamino Wave and Chewie Hug.  Some of the songs have even been given Star Wars lyrics, like “YMCA” (“It’s fun to be in the Empire today…”).

Apparently, some Star Wars fans find this to be a travesty on the order of the prequels.  I think it’s the best idea ever, and has only convinced me further that I want the game.  Honestly, I was really afraid that it was only an April Fools joke at first.  I was afraid that, much like the Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass, it was only a dream never to be realized.

Decide for yourself.  Youtube has plenty of videos of the Dance-off gameplay, for example: 

If you would like a full analysis of the lyrics of “I’m Han Solo,” io9’s James Whitbook is only too happy to oblige here.

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