Fun things to do with that e-reader you got for Christmas

Like many, many Americans, you may have received a tablet, cell phone, e-reader, or other fun piece of tech for Christmas.  I myself got a laptop (for playing SWTOR) and a Kindle; my husband got an iPad.  I’ve discovered some fun things playing around with my Kindle.  For example, did you know that you can check out library books on your e-reader?

If you live in one of these Ohio communities, you can check out books through the Ohio eBook Project–you don’t even have to go in to the library.  Just enter the name of your library and your library card number to login.  Selections include audio, Kindle, and PDF versions of classic and current titles.  The first 2 books I checked out were The Lost Hero and A Clash of Kings, both great (more on those later).

The only downside is inherent to the current state of digital media–there are only a certain number of copies of a book available through the Project, so nearly every book has a waiting list.  The checkout duration is 2 weeks, like a normal library, but you are never able to just renew a book, because they are all on hold.  This has been particularly trying for me while reading A Clash of Kings; I am on my 3rd checkout in as many months and am still only 85% done.  I will be back on the waiting list again soon, I am sure.

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